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Listen To The True Historical Crimes Stories Of Bail Man Hank

An Audio Pod Cast 

Listen Below - Read Below 

* The Hard Money Murders
* Hank The Bail Man
The Madam Girls Murders
 * The Strip Club Murders
and more

01-                       The Bail Man

02-                       Bookmakers

03-                          Mexico

04-                     Bounty Hunter

05-                     How It Started

06-                     The 3 W Man

07-               Hard Money Murders 

08-               Hard Money Murders

09-               Hard Money Murders

10-                Hard Money Murders

11-                     Crime Disguise


Bail Man Hank 

Pod Casts Available For 



Hank the Bail Man 4 Bounty Hunter
00:00 / 20:38
Hank the Bail Man 3 Mexico
00:00 / 21:16
Hank the Bail Man 5 How It Started
00:00 / 21:30
Hank the Bail Man 6 The 3 W Man
00:00 / 21:22
Hank the Bail Man 2 Bookmakers
00:00 / 20:40
Hank the Bail Man 1 Story Intro
00:00 / 20:53
Hank the Bail Man 7 Hard Money Murders
00:00 / 20:45
Hank the Bail Man 9 Hard Money Murders
00:00 / 09:11
Hank the Bail Man 8 Hard Money Murders
00:00 / 07:30
Hank the Bail Man 10 The Plan The Murder
00:00 / 15:58
Hank the Bail Man 11 Crime Disguise
00:00 / 20:38



Bail Man Hank

Tells The Story Of

How It All Began 


About The Very Early Days


How The Story Will Continue


The New Pod-Cast


These Stories Are

True - Factual - Serious




Want To Hear Some

Hysterical Bail Man Hank

Stories & Humor?

Comedy Bail Man Style

Bail Man - Bail Life

Stories and Language​

True Adventures

Fun & Frolic

Bail Man Hank 

Comedy Crazy Humor


The True Stories

Start Above At The Top

The true historical crimes stories of how the

secret investigations from the



made headlines across the USA & the World.


Like Adult Humor?

Let the laughs begin!


To Listen - Request Information


We Publish:

Bail Man Hank True Stories


Bail Man Hank Comedy


Bail Man Hank Podcast

and more!


Contact: Publisher

Sun World Music

C 2023  SM  ascap  P



Bail Man Hank


The Bail Bond Is The Bond That

Brings That Cherished Freedom


It Is Also The Bond Between Bail Man Hank


The Accused-Arrested and Incarcerated

As Friends - As Partners


Not In Doing The Crime


Not In Doing The Time


But As The One Between

The Police & The Courts

The Criminally Accused


Those In Custody


The One With The Power

To Give Freedom


He Is


Bail Man Hank



As Bail Man Hank Would Say


We Hope You Never Need To Spend

Your Money To Make Bail From Jail

To Pay Us For Your Freedom


Then Again...



And Now

Some True Historical Crime Adventures 

And Hysterical Escapades In Laughter


Bail Man Hank


From All The Bars In Every City

To All The Bars In Every Jail


The Life & The Times Of

Bail Man Hank 



The True Crime Story Narrations

The True Hysterical Comedy Creations


This Is All For Real

This All Actually Happened


Adult Humor Not For The Faint Of Heart!


Historical Crime Stories,

With Never Before Known

Inside Information, As Witnessed

By Bail Man Hank 


The Location?


Los Angeles Center Hollywood

Where All The Criminal Cartels Were

During All These Famous Cases.


Series 1

10 Episodes:

True Historical Crimes Stories 


These Stories Can Be Verified As Factual,

As Experienced By Bail Man Hank,

That Made Headlines All Across

The USA And Around The World.


Series 2

20 Episodes:

True Hysterical Comedy Adventures


These Stories Are True Life Experiences 

That Bail Man Hank Lived, That Were

Filled With Fun & Wild Humor, At The

Bail Offices Across From The Jails


Where Else Would Bail Man Hank Be!


But At The Epicenter

Where It All Took Place.



Bail Man Hank



Series 1 & 2 Are Available

As Audio Pod Casts 

And Also

For Consideration & Agency

As A Filmed Series Production:


With A Written Screen Play In Production


Bail Man Hank

Published by

Sun World Music


C 2024 TM  ASCAP  P

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